Meet Our Volunteers

Meet Our Volunteers

Meet Our Volunteers


 Meet some of our volunteers!

Each month we give a gift card to one of our volunteers. This is our way of saying Thank You for everything they do to help this rescue run smoothly and efficiently. 

Click on each month to read about a volunteer in our program.

April 2020- Mike
March 2020- Stacy B.

February 2020- Beth

January 2020- Taylor

December 2019- Julia

November 2019- Katie
October 2019- Marissa
September 2019- Hannah
August 2019- Adone
July 2019- Jared & Kayla
June 2019- Angela
May 2019- Danielle
April 2019- Therisa 
March 2019- Allen
February 2019- Chad
January 2019- Mark