How fostering for Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue works:

  1. Read this page completely then fill out the foster application. 
  2. We will contact you when the application is received. References, home check, and attending a new volunteer meeting are required before . 
  3. If you are approved, we will work with you to figure out what type of dog will fit into your home the best. (Sex, Age, Personality) 
  4. The intake team will find a match for your household.
  5. If you agree, you will be able to take the dog home and start fostering.
  6. The dog will then be put up on the website for potential adopters to see.
  7. Potential adopters will fill out an adoption application which will be looked over by the rescue and then sent to you for your thoughts.
  8. If the applicant is approved on paper, we will set up a meet and greet. The first meet and greet will be at an adoption event or a location agreed upon by the foster and potential adopter.
  9. If the first meet and greet goes well, the references will be checked on the applicant. 
  10. The second meet and greet will be at the potential adopter's home. At this meeting, we will conduct a home check. If all is well, the dog will stay at this time.  




What is a Foster Home?

Fostering is what keeps pit bulls in our rescue alive. We can only pull dogs for whom we have fosters homes for. We do not have a shelter. The dog lives with the foster home who treats the dog like their own while providing basic training and love until they are adopted. Each foster home only has one foster dog unless it is a mom + puppies.  

How long does it usually take for a dog to be adopted?

This can vary. Anywhere from two weeks to a few years. An average adoption time is usually about 6 months.

Do I have to provide food for my foster?

No, all food is provided to you for the dog. If you choose to feed the dog something other than what is provided, you would be responsible for the cost. Please let your case manager know 7 days prior to running out of food so we have enough time to get you another bag. 

Do I have to provide a crate, collar, leash for my foster?

No, we will provide all these things for the foster dog. If you chose to buy something other than what is provided, you will be responsible for the cost. The dog is expected to be crate trained and leash trained while in foster care. You are required to crate the dog at any time you are not at home. This ensures the safety of the foster dog, resident dogs, and the home. 

What do I do if the dog needs to see the vet?

Our vet is Blackberry Vet in Inver Grove Heights. All vet visits must be approved by the rescue. If your dog needs to see the vet, contact your case manager and they will determine if the dog needs to go. If the dog needs to go- approval will be sent to Blackberry and you will be able to call and make an appointment. If the dog does go to the vet with approval, the vet will send the bill to the rescue. No out of pocket cost for you. If you go to the vet without approval or go to a vet outside of our own vet, you will be responsible for the cost. **If you are outside of the metro area, other arrangements will be made for vet visits. Spay/Neuter appointments are on assigned dates at our vet. Transport is available to help with vet visits. 

What is the difference between Full Time Foster and Temporary Foster?

Full time foster is a foster family that commits to fostering the dog for at least 4 months or longer. 

Temporary foster is a foster family that commits to fostering the dog for a few days.
Temporary fosters are usually used when the full time foster is out of town.

Do I have to have a fenced yard?

No, we do not require fosters to have fenced yards. However, if the foster family does not have a fence, the dog MUST be leashed at all times.

Why do you need my home owners information?

Your homeowners insurance must be breed friendly. Our insurance requires that all of our foster homes have breed-friendly homeowners or renters insurance. If you do not have breed friendly insurance, it is very easy to switch and we can help you with this. 

Why do you need my veterinarian's information?

We need this information to verify that the resident dogs in the foster home are up to date on vaccines and spayed/neutered. We do this to keep the foster dog safe as well as the resident dogs from any health concerns. **Show dogs/medical reasons are an exception to this rule.

What do I have to pay for?

Fostering is completely free to the foster family.

Do I have to bring my foster dog to training classes?

It is not required but encouraged! We will cover the cost of the class at an agreed upon facility. 

What if I want to keep my foster dog?

If you decide you want to keep your foster dog, we will review the placement together and make sure it is the best fit for the dog. If it is determined to be best fit, you can move to the adoption process. The training for adopters will be required even if you started as a foster at your own cost. Please note, it is required you discuss this option with your case manager PRIOR to any meet and greets with other potential adoptive homes so no one gets hurt or wastes their time.   

What happens if I need to leave town?

If you need to leave town, send an email to your case manager with exact dates and they will find a temporary foster home for the dog while you are gone.

What happens if I can no longer keep my foster?

If you can no longer keep your foster and need the dog moved, contact your case manager and they will find a new foster home for the dog.

Adoption Events/Other Events:

The foster dog is required to attend one adoption day a month. We usually have adoption events twice a month. The dates are listed on our website as they become available and will be posted in the Foster Support group on facebook one week prior to the event. You can RSVP to each date that you can attend. If you can not attend events, your foster dog will not go as we do not do transport for adoption events. Each event or shift time is two hours long.  

Potential Adopters:

Any potential adopters need to go to our website, read through our adoptions process and fill out the adoption application. We do require adopters to attend 8 weeks of training with the dog that they adopt. From there, your case manager will contact them to set up a time for them to come to an adoption event to meet the dog. If all goes well, their references will be completed. Then a second meeting will take place at the adopter's home. During this time the home check will be completed and the dog will go to live with their new family at this meeting if all is well. From the time the potential adopter puts in an application to the time when the dog officially goes home is usually about 7 days.   

Foster Support Group on Facebook: 
Facebook and email is our main line of communication with each other. The foster support group on facebook is set up to offer a place for fosters to support each other, share pictures, receive training advice, ask questions and RSVP for upcoming events. 
Fostering animals from other rescue groups, shelters, or privately owned is strictly prohibited while a MPBR foster dog is in your care. 
Home Check