Every adoptive or foster home is required to have a home check.

Wondering what we are looking for? See below!

Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue- Home Check Form

Date: _____________________


Home Check Volunteer:______________________________________


What type of home is it? (apartment, townhome, house, duplex) Setting the home is in? (rural, city, suburb, acreage)

How is the outside condition of the home?

Condition inside of the home and house set up (2 levels, one level, bedrooms):

Immaculate, Well Kept, Untidy, Poorly Kept.


Are there any animals present at the home? If so, what kind/how many? What is their behavior toward you?

If they have cats or other animals that require a litter box or separate food area, how will they keep the dog out of this area? 


Have them show you where the dog will be kept while they are gone.

(They should show you a crate and where the crate will be kept.)

It should be out of direct sunlight, be big enough for the dog to stand up in and turn around in and inside of the house.

Type of crate: plastic or wire


Have them show you where the food is kept along with the food and water bowls. If they have more than one animal, how do they plan on keeping the dogs separate during feeding time?

Type of dog food they will be feeding:


If there are children present during your visit, how are they acting with the dog? Appropriate? Or climbing on the dog, pestering them, etc.


If they have a fence, is it secure in all areas and how tall is it? If no fence, how do they plan on letting the dog outside? Leash, tie-out, loose?


The adopter should have a 6 foot/or shorter leash for the dog (no flexi leads) and a buckle collar. Have them show you these items.


Please describe any additional information about the home environment that you feel is pertinent.

Is there anything in general or specifically that would cause you to feel uncomfortable about placing an animal in this home? If so, what?