Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue- Foster Application

Thank you for applying to foster! Please fill out the form below in its entirety.

We will get back to you within 24-48 hours M-F of your application submission. 

Haven't heard from us? PLEASE check your Junk folder first to see if it is in there and then contact joan@mnpitbull.com

*Applicant must have Pit Bull Friendly Home Owners/Renters Insurance. If not, they must be willing to change to a company that is. Please CHECK this before applying, we will call to verify that the company does not have restrictions.

*Applicant must have approval from landlord if renting. Please CHECK this before applying, we will call to verify and we want you to let them know we will be calling.

*Applicant must have approval from association if applicable. Please CHECK before applying, we will call to verify.

Do not push Enter until you are done, it will submit your application automatically. 

How long have you lived there:
Do you own or rent:
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MN Pit Bull requires landlord and/or association approval. Please get this approval before applying. 
Work Phone:
Do you have a fenced yard? If yes, how tall and what type of fence:
If no, how will you take the dog outside to go to the bathroom::
How do you plan on exercising the dog and how often:
Would you be willing to attend obedience class with your foster dog:
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Please explain a typical day in the life of the foster dog:
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Are they spayed/neutered:
Are they up to date on vaccines (DHPP and Rabies):
Have they been to obedience class? If yes, where:
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What is your current dog's reaction to meeting other dogs?: (barking, friendly, needs a slow introduction,etc):
Please list any previous pets:
Have you applied or are you fostering with another rescue group? If so, which one and your current status with them:
Have you had any previous foster experience? Tell us about it:
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