Whatever name you choose to use--pit bull, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, pittie, bully breed, pibble--the dogs you'll see here are GREAT dogs. Pit bulls have many amazing qualities:



*wonderful family dogs


*respond well to training

*VERY loving and affectionate

There can also be great variations among individual pit bulls.  Some may be true couch potatoes and love nothing more than a snuggle with their human(s).  Others may be high energy and need a daily walk and active playtime to keep them stimulated and on their best behavior.

Like any dogs, pit bulls can come with their challenges too. They are often strong-willed, very driven, and can display varying levels of dog aggression. Because of these traits, and the negative perceptions commonly held about pit bulls, pit bulls need responsible and caring owners that will provide structure, training, exercise, and love, allowing them to reach their highest potential and be breed ambassadors wherever they go.

With responsible, loving owners, pit bulls--like any dogs--can thrive and be great members of the family. Maybe you're ready to add one to your family?

The information here is just a start, for more in depth information on pit bulls, visit some of these links!

Pit Bull Rescue Central- PBRC

The Happy Pit Bull

Understand-a-Bull (info on BSL- Breed Specific Legislation)

Games & Activities

Pit bulls are wonderfully active dogs and very people-oriented, so if you are interested in an activity, chances are your pit bull will want to be by your side!

There are many activities you can enjoy with your pittie:



*Find it

There are also organized dog sports and activities that pit bulls can excel in, including:

*Weight pull








MN Pit Bull Rescue strongly recommends attending obedience training classes with your pit bull. Formal training not only imparts helpful skills for you and your dog, but it can also help strengthen your bond and increase your knowledge of your dog. Plus, there is no better defense against pit bull naysayers than a well-behaved pit bull!

Places to train with your pit bull:

Dogue Spot- Maple Grove, MN

The K9 Coach- Minneapolis, Saint Paul, St. Louis Park, & Maple Grove, MN

Canine Good Citizen Information (CGC)

Therapy Dog Information (TDI)

Delta Society