Dog Handling Code of Conduct

We appreciate all our volunteers who handle our dogs in public settings, whether it be Adoption Day events, special events, or providing additional socialization experiences for the dogs.  To make these the best possible experiences and help ensure that our rescue dogs make the best impression possible, we ask that dog handling volunteers adhere to the following code of conduct.

When handling a Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue dog, please…

*Keep a reasonable distance between the dog and other dogs you may encounter (unless otherwise notified, such as if the dog is young and very dog social or if specifically practicing dog-dog introductions with the dog)

*Do your best to keep a loose leash—tight leashes or leash tension often leads to bad behaviors on the part of the dog

*Provide and carry high value treats for training purposes and encouraging attention on you, the handler, if/when needed—we recommend cut up bits of hot dog, cheese, or other soft yummy treats (many dogs won’t work for hard biscuits)

*Work on basic manners with the dog—sitting for petting, keeping calm in a variety of stimuli, behaving appropriately overall

*If performing any dog-dog introductions, please follow the attached recommendations from Pit Bull Rescue Central

-in summary, we recommend parallel walking with attention on their handlers, followed by “booty sniffs” if both dogs are behaving in a friendly, non-threatening manner

-if at any point a dog directs negative behavior toward the other dog, calmly separate the dogs and go back to simply walking near each other; or remove the dog from the presence of the other dog at your discretion (depending on how “rude” the behavior presented)

-NEVER allow dogs that have not been properly introduced to approach each other nose-to-nose

*Reward positive behaviors, notice what the dog does right!  We do recommend corrections when needed also, provided they are effective (well-timed and not overly harsh)

*Be diligent at all times!  Be aware of the body language of your dog and other dogs too