Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Incentive Program 

Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue wants all our dogs to be wonderful breed ambassadors.  Once we adopt a dog to you though, that responsibility falls on your shoulders!  To show our commitment to this goal and provide a little extra push to our adopters, we are rolling out our new

CGC Incentive Program:

*Work with your dog to earn a CGC title within 6 months of adoption and we will refund $50 of your adoption fee!

We take pride in our adoption process and that it helps ensure we have the best adopters for
our special dogs, so we know you can do it. J   Get busy training and show the world what
awesome dogs pit bulls can be.  Plus, we’ll enter you and your dog in our CGC Hall of Fame—
we just can’t wait to fill it with beautiful dogs and their dedicated, responsible owners.

For more information on the Canine Good Citizen Program, offered through the American Kennel
Club, go to

There you can find more information on the testing process, training, and evaluators in your area.

We included the test items on the back of this sheet so you can familiarize yourself with the requirements. 

We highly recommend you work with a trainer, and many training facilities offer classes
geared specifically toward earning your dog’s CGC title.