We require ALL adopters to attend an obedience course. It does not matter if you have trained 1 dog or 100 dogs, all dogs adopted through us are required to go to training WITH their adopted owner.  The owner is expected to participate in class and make improvements in their skills with the dog during the obedience course. 

If you do not want to train your dog and put in the time and effort to make your dog a great breed ambassador through training, we are not the rescue for you. The responsibility you take on for your own Pit Bull AND the breed as a whole when you adopt is huge. You owe it to the breed to make your Pit Bull a breed ambassador and that does not ONLY mean that your dog is great with people. It means your dog is great with people, when working and out in the public eye showing just how wonderful this breed (or any dog!) can be when given the proper direction and guidance. Because its more than how you raise the dog, it is also how you train the dog. 

Why do I have to attend training? I’ve trained dogs before or I just want a pet. 
(Whatever your “reason” may be)

1. Pit bulls aren’t just ANY breed. They are breed faced with prejudice and misconception. It’s our responsibility to our breed to make them an ambassador of the breed. Realistically they should be able to perform (on any given day or time or location in any environment) the AKC Canine Good Citizen tests (https://www.akc.org/events/cgc/training_testing.cfm).  


This level of training with most dogs & people relies on group classes. Really to obtain this level of training you need many levels of training. By requiring an 8 week course it’s our hope that you see the value and necessity of continuing with your dog. 

2. If you are adopting a dog you should love dogs. This includes spending time with them right? Going to training is like “date night” with your dog. You are hanging out with your best friend. If you cannot commit to training once a week for several weeks (better yet months) then you may want to rethink dog ownership. Owning a dog is a big commitment. Adopting a pit bull is a much bigger one. It’s not just “your dog”…it’s for the betterment of the breed.

 Really evaluate your life and commitment before adopting a dog. There are so many dogs (pit bulls) capable of amazing things that never get to accomplish them and the only thing holding them back is the other end of the leash. 

We highly recommend Avaqyn Acres.

1. Breed experience: Tiffany, owner of Avaqyn has over 20 years experience working with this breed. She also founded a Rottweiler and Pit Bull rescue in 1997 so rescue dogs are nothing new to her. Tiffany also owns a pittie from a national dog fighting bust that happened in 2009. 

2. Kilo, Tiffany's Rottweiler is the 2014 AKC National Obedience Working Group Champion. This is a HUGE accomplishment that no other trainer in MN has with working breeds. 
This is Kilo and Tiffany working:  

3. Relationship: 
We want more than anything to see a relationship develop between you and the dog. We expect you to be #1 in the life of your dog and truth be told, this may not come easy! What do we mean by this? This means you will have to be better and more exciting than a lot of new and interesting people, animals, and other stimuli in your dog’s world. It will not come from simply providing daily meals and snuggling on the couch. Training will be a part of this and will help form the foundation for your life together. Avaqyn is the only training facility that has a Leadership Seminar dedicated to this relationship building. 

4. Commitment: 
Pit Bulls are not for the faint of heart—the dogs themselves are often strong both physically and mentally, then add to that the potential stigma you will face in the public eye because of the dog at the other end of your leash. These things require commitment and strength of character from their people. 

5. Dog Training is meant to be FUN for both you and the dog. Head over to the Avaqyn Acres facebook page and you will see the videos from class antics.