Thank you for your interest in one of our great dogs at MN Pit Bull Rescue. Before you continue with the adoption application process we would like to take this opportunity to explain some of our expectations and guidelines when adopting from us. Please read these BEFORE proceeding on to the application. At the end of these guidelines you will be asked to verify you have read these. And who wouldn't? You want to know what you are getting into before making a life changing decision.

  • While our program may offer a dog that isn’t a pit bull or mixed breed we treat each adoption as if you are adopted a pit bull. This breed is not for the average person. You should exhibit a hire desire to demonstrate responsibility and willingness to help change the perception of the pit bull. 

  • With the social stigma’s our breed faces we are advocates of training with a professional to ensure your dog is one of the best ones out there. While we require a basic 8 week class we hope to assume that you are one of the few dog owners out there that see value in training and plan to continue to a minimum of a Canine Good Citizen level with a professional trainer. Are you willing to train for 6 months to a year minimum if that’s what it takes to get basic obedience requirements accomplished with your dog? If not we are not a good fit for you. You are adopting a pit bull. You have a much higher level of responsibility than the average dog owner. 

  • Simply owning the breed doesn’t mean you are going to be able to change people’s minds about this breed. Your actions, along with your dogs are what makes the difference. Many behaviors that are acceptable for other breeds could be frowned upon by others. Nuisance behaviors like running at large, not coming when called, jumping on people or getting excited/aroused on leash could be misperceived or worse for a bully breed.

  • If you have another dog think carefully before continuing this process. Have you ever had financial difficulty when faced with emergency with your current dog? Do you worry about current expenses like what you feed your dog, vet visits, etc.? Have you not trained due to money constraints? Two dogs are double the financial responsibility too. Before adding one make sure you are prepared to financially support another one. 

  • Housing and insurance are two common roadblocks with bully breeds. Some home owners insurance companies will not insure you with certain breeds. Apartments and town homes often times will not allow certain breeds due to their policies and/or insurance carriers. 

  • We do not advocate dog parks. Pit bulls will be the martyr at the dog park if something goes wrong and there is a fight. You shouldn't visit a dog park as you don’t know the people or caliber of dogs there. This breed is not known for their friendliness towards other dogs. They love people but some are questionable about other dogs and it’s your responsibility to protect them and keep them from becoming involved in bad situations. 

  • We do our absolute best to intake solid dogs and temperament test them. Dog aggression in the bully breed sometimes don’t become apparent until a puppy starts to mature. No matter the training or socialization sometimes that trait will appear in a maturing pit bull. Are you prepared to deal with that? Are you willing to take the time and use financial resources to tackle this problem should it arise? Are you willing to make adjustments with the other resident dogs if there’s signs of aggression or a fight someday? 

  • We mandate spay and neuter on all dogs. Period. 

  • All dogs are microchiped and are registered to MN Pit Bull Rescue for their lifetime. 

  • We ask that in case of a move, change in number or email you always keep us informed. Please be proactive when adopting and remember we were an important part of your dog’s history. Many foster families form deep bonds with your dog and we’d like updates on how one of our program dogs is doing in their new home. Volunteer resources are limited and you reaching out to us rather than us tracking you down is appreciated and expected. 

  • Be clear on this decision. Should you EVER be unable to keep your dog we want to be a resource involved in the decision to relinquish them. If the situation merits the dog re-adoptable we will of course take whatever measures we can to help facilitate this process. However YOU as the dog’s owner are responsible for all after care once this adoption takes place and we are not an easy out or quick fix in those situations. Please be honest with us from the beginning so we can pair you with a great dog and if there’s any uncertainty about what life holds for you please refrain from moving forward with this process.

All dogs will be adopted with the following:
1-Rabies vaccine (if old enough at the time of adoption) 
1- DHPP vaccine (4 months or older, within one year) 
4DX Test (9 months or older, within one year) 
Fecal Test (negative or ongoing treatment plan, within one year) 

Training is required, please be sure to read the Required Training page prior to filling out the application.