Raw 101 Class Sept. 26, 1:30-3:30pm

Puppy Social Hour

Every Saturday from 10-11am 
(see event calendar for any changes)
Open to puppies up to 6 months.

            Pack Walks
Open to all dogs. See event calendar for dates and RSVP details



Dog of the Month- adoption fee is waived during each dog's specific month. 
We started "Dog of the Month" in September 2014.

September: Diamond
October: Hayden 
November: Juno
December: Luna
January: Penny 
February: Maud (still looking!)
March: Livia 
April: Turner 
May: Maud (still looking!), Livia, & Penny 
June: Brenna 
July: Edith (still looking!)

Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue
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